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Privacy Policy

At Clever Migoi, LLC we take privacy very seriously, so we've written up this Privacy Policy to let you know how we handle your information. The short of it is that we do not sell your information, ever. And we never share your personally identifiable information, except in rare circumstances, such as a legal obligation or security risk, but never for marketing purposes.

As a client of ours, we will collect the following information from you in order to provide you with our services (some of this information may not apply to all clients).

  • Your name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Credit card information
  • Domain name
  • Other similar information

We do not sell your information or share it with 'affiliates' who intend to market products to you. We will only communicate with you about your account with us (for example, hosting customers may receive server status updates via email), and on rare occasions, we may email you to let you know about a new Clever Migoi service or special offer. While promotions from us are uncommon, please contact us if you don't want to receive them, and we'll be happy to accommodate your preference.

In order to maintain our website, we collect certain information from visitors, such as IP address, web browser, referrer pages, date and time and other information. The information we collect is all very standard, and we only use it to ensure the functionality of the website, analyze trends and security risks, and improve our visitors' experience with our website. Some of this information is automatically deleted, but other data, especially aggregate data, may never expire. This information is never sold, and is only shared if required by law or we deem it necessary for the security or function of the website. Such incidents have never happened as of the last update of this policy.

Unlike some hosting companies and other organizations, we do not track visitors (directly or through a third-party) for the purpose of advertising to them. We think that these practices are inappropriate and disrespectful to visitors.

Clever Migoi holds your information in high regard, because we want to have productive relationships with all of our clients. We will protect your information, but there is still a slight chance that it could be exposed or altered by malicious individuals who circumvent our security measures. Therefore, we make no guarantees about the information we collect, or how it will be used, maintained or safeguarded. It is impossible to have this information perfectly secure, but we try very hard.

This Privacy Policy is updated and improved from time to time, so please check back periodically.

Last updated: 2011/08/03